Author Topic: K1200GT '07 Fuel pump pressure  (Read 7860 times)


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K1200GT '07 Fuel pump pressure
« on: June 08, 2015, 08:47:28 PM »
Hi, is there anyone out here with a 1200GT 06-08 who can tell me theirs (normal) value for the fuel pump... My K1200GT has a very poor mileage and also a very bad habit of destroying its exhaustm, other than this the bike runs perfectly, I don't have any errors or faults present, but what I have found was that the fuel pressure is abnormal... in the repair manual the fuel pump operating pressure is 3,8 bar, the reading of the GS911 in my bike is 4490and something millibars (4,49bar) and fluctuating and im guessing that this is not normal.
but I don't want to exchange the fuel pump only to find that this is really how it supposed to be, so can anyone help me with the normal values?
thank you