Author Topic: 560: Electric Fuel Pump, Short-circuit to Positive. F650gs Dakar single spark  (Read 5657 times)


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Hi everyone,

My f650gs Dakar single spark just started stalling.

The code generated is:

560: Electric Fuel Pump, Short-circuit to Positive.

Does anyone have more info on this code?
What is really means?
How to resolve it?

Note, the number of faults generated matches the number of times the bike stalled.



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Best to give the full context of your problem as you did at to enable people to respond

"my f650gs-dakar single stalled a few times on my last ride; the engine restarted while coasting.
The diagnostic trouble code is: 560: Electric Fuel Pump, Short-circuit to Positive.
The gs911 said it happened 5 times and that seems about the number of times I stalled.
The fault is not present right now; it seemed to start failing intermittently after about 20 miles into the ride.
The bike has a newish fuel pump, but an old fuel pump filter/regulator.
I just cleaned the two connectors on the fuel tank cap.
Does anyone have any insight into what induces this trouble code?"

As explained at, short circuit to positive means open circuit on the wiring to the pump & as another owner suggested, look at the connectors on the top of the fuel tank which you had just cleaned which may no longer be making good contact for some reason


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Also check the wiring on the underside of the connector, inside the fuel tank.  It often appears that the wiring is fine, while it is in fact broken inside the insulation,  just as it leaves the connector.