Author Topic: Clearing Adaptive Values  (Read 6880 times)


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Clearing Adaptive Values
« on: December 01, 2015, 05:42:34 AM »
Hi to All,
Two questions :
I completed my first data logging, all was O/k, after the Forums assistance.

During the trial data logging (getting familiar with the GS), I switched to the visual O2 sensor chart and the six element visual chart ( you can see that I am not quite proficient as yet ), DOES this interrupt the recorded data logging or is it O/K to view charts whilst running the data log.

I am about to install an AF-Xied, but would like to record my current data. To erase or clear the current adaptive values do I just disconnect the +ve battery terminal ( how long for ), or is there another method that will not send my heart into palpitations.
Thank you in advance
ps I did search for this without any luck.