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Title: ABS Controller Error – BMW G650 XC
Post by: rustywtf on February 28, 2014, 10:32:44 AM
Hi All,
Noted there are no threads for the XC, so thought I should kick it off.
I currently own a 2007 G650XChallenge. When I connect up the GS-911 and select my model I get the following error:
I have confirmed this on a mates XC as well. I understand this to be related to the fact that I do not have ABS. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Note that I can select ‘Yes’ and continue on with the diagnostics. Also, using the ‘Autoscan’ function does not result in an error code.
[edited my question - will check with Help Desk for software updates]
PS Here's an AutoScan:
AutoScan Report

GS-911 version: 1303.3 Datapack version:1.2 Serial Number: GS60384002 Registered to: Matthew Rust
Date: 28/02/2014 Time: 3:33:56 PM
Motorcycle Information
VIN: WB10165087XA81680
Mileage: Not available
Part No.:   0007706346
HW Version:   A
Diagnosis Index:   5
Manufacturing Date:   2007-02-16
HWOE No.:   25798384
Program release:   200E
Manufacturer:   Hella
Date release:   200EN61B
Operating time:   407h 38m 3s
VIN model year:   2007

No fault codes found