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Title: K1200GT servo abs error code 24958 Rear control valve failure
Post by: mopedi on August 27, 2019, 10:08:50 PM
I have 2006 K1200GT with servo ABS modulator which is giving me really hard time. I replaced all (4) pressure sensors, check both motors - pumps, passed bleed test procedure but in few minutes (without braking and drive away) there is ABS fast blinking and RED triangle on tacho. Reported error code is 24958 Rear control valve defective and the system goes to residual braking on rear circuit.
I checked also coils for rear control valves and it reads normal values.
I run out of ideas and this is really pissing me off because so far I have newer seen this error code and this kind of system response.
 Any help will be appreciated.