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General Discussion / Re: Tyre Pressure TPMS / Wake-Up tool for RDC
« Last post by BALVIAMBE on September 23, 2017, 05:44:22 PM »
buy ts 401 which reads the id and show you if thw=e sensor is ok or damage.
 i am using and it woks the best for bmw r1200gs on my bike.
As GS Jim says, battery condition has a lot to do with a properly functioning ABS, and after being charged should be closer to the 13V mark.  What is the charging voltage from the alternator? 

Does the alternator light come on when you turn the ignition on? (without starting the motor)

And important thing to remember on the 1100/1150.  The alternator light in the instrument cluster is part of the charging circuit.  Should the globe fail, the battery will not charge.  A bit of a catch 22, as you will no longer get the warning that the battery is not being charged.  If it does not come on, replace it.

I would replace the battery with a new one, clear the fault codes if any, and take the bike for a ride.  If the ABS becomes problematic again, check the new error codes, which will give you a more accurate indication of what the problem could be.
A fully charged battery that has been sitting overnight for example  should be at least 12.6 to 12.9 volts (no load). When you key your ignition it will drop because of the lights, fuel pump etc.

When riding you should have up to 14 + volts and at idle might drop into the high 13's (if your bike doesn't have a gauge then hook up a meter temporarily). If it is dropping below this then you may have a weak battery, charging system or bad connections.

At idle the voltage will drop depending on how many lights and accessories you are running. Although the system is designed for the battery to supplement the electrical draw at idle for a certain period of time prolonged idling on a weak battery with a lot of things on will cause it to discharge to below acceptable levels.

6 years is a long time for a motorcycle battery as they tend to sit around for long periods of time. I've almost always had to replace my batteries by this time in their life.

The best way to tell is to have a load test done, this is when a machine puts a certain load on the battery and the rate of discharge is timed and if it drops too fast then the battery is done.

Dear Gentlepeople,

I've recently noted an apparently random intermittent and variable problem with my integral ABS on my 2002 R1150R. The instrument lights coming on are variable as well when problems occur. It's intermittent and sometimes the brake assist fails and sometimes it doesn't. It usually happens when I'm sitting at idle or coasting to a stop. Sometimes the lights stay on and sometimes they turn off when I roll way from a stop. It was very rare starting last year, and this year is happening more and more often. I had the brake fluid changed last year by a BMW tech and there were no problems detected. I have had the brake fluid changed 6 times it total over the life of the motorcycle.

I read the GS-911 ABS fault codes and got the following:

16659  Internal control module error - (calculation error) Control difference between processors
Currently present  NO
16915  Internal control module error - (calculation error) Control difference between processors
Currently present  NO
17171  Internal control module error - (calculation error) Control difference between processors
Currently present  NO
17427  Internal control module error - (calculation error) Control difference between processors
Currently present  NO

Interestingly, the BMW EXIDE battery was put into service in 2011, and was trickle charged fully prior to riding the motorcycle using the BMW Gel battery charging system. The codes were read after a 300 km ride. Starting is effortless and the bike consistently starts every time, the first time. The static voltage reading was 12.2V; is this too low? I guess my mail question is to differentiate between a failed ABS pump and other simpler, less expensive issues. The bike has 142K and so I don't know that I want to invest a lot of money into it if the pump has failed as this particular iABS module (ABS III) rebuild is under development at this time, according to the modulemaster website (

Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Otherwise, the bike is in great condition, and it would be a shame to put her out to pasture...
Introduce yourself... / Re: Aloha from Paradise... but...
« Last post by Jughead on September 20, 2017, 09:26:40 PM »
Stalling when coming to a stop or pulling in the clutch is usually a sign of one of the stick coils breaking down on the K1200/1300.  May be accompanied by a very slight misfire.

If you can get your hands on a laser thermometer, check the temps of the 4 headers. You can just do that from below, no need to remove any covers.  You will most likely find one header running a little cooler than the other 3.  That will be the problem one.
Introduce yourself... / Re: Aloha from Paradise... but...
« Last post by GS Jim on September 20, 2017, 05:11:11 PM »
Welcome to the wild and whacky world of the GS911 Honolulu.
Well I live on the Pacific just not in the middle of it, but you will will find that on the forum you will get help/advice from GS911ers the world over, the internet has shrunk the world in a way the airplane never dreamed.

Not that your engine should but If your stall only occurs when shifting into neutral from second (while moving?) then maybe stop doing that for the time being as I don't see there is any real reason to do it. Are there any other conditions that is does that that you can consistently replicate as it will help with the diagnosis.
GS-911 Mobile / Re: Can't reset service light on iPhone 6
« Last post by diesel_222 on September 20, 2017, 11:54:16 AM »
I have the same problem. It's not possible with Mac or iPhone. Use Windows and you will reset the Service.
Introduce yourself... / Aloha from Paradise... but...
« Last post by Honolulu on September 20, 2017, 02:59:47 AM »
Howzit, as we say here in Hawaii.  Great riding weather ALMOST all the time, but on an island 20 x 30 miles things are a little limited. 

GS911 will be used on a 2010 K1300GT that I got a year ago with 23,000 miles.  It has developed the infamous hot stall, where the engine quits as one shifts from second to neutral, such as coming into parking or at a traffic stop.  There is likely a Accelerator or Booster Plug in the near future, and certainly I'll reset the idle actuation/stepper motors.  There's a lot to learn!  Picking a wifi version up in a few days and expect it to pay for itself shortly, not that I want to muck about with the ECU that much.

Was hoping to find another GS911 user hereabouts, but no joy... anyone?
Introduce yourself... / Re: Hi all from the UK
« Last post by alcfire on September 18, 2017, 10:33:24 PM »
It's finally arrived and seems to be working ok, got it registered and working on my laptop (Windows 10). Now to check out the bike and reset the service light.

Regards. alcfire
GS-911 Mobile / Re: Can't reset service light on iPhone 6
« Last post by Mornay on September 18, 2017, 08:24:39 AM »
An Autoscan of your bike will be able to tell us what controllers you have. You are then welcome to send an email to our helpdesk to open a ticket:
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