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GS-911 Android / Re: 2011 F800 for advanced functionality!
« Last post by Mornay on Today at 04:39:59 PM »
I suggest sending an email to our support department with your home network setup, as well as the error you are receiving.

If you are using the tablet as a hotspot you should not require a home WiFi router, however if the mobile data signal is too weak on the tablet you might find that accessing service functions to be difficult.
GS-911 Android / 2011 F800 for advanced functionality!
« Last post by Distazo on Today at 02:36:57 PM »
 I could not be connected to cloud for advanced functionality with newly registered Wifi gs911 especially for brakes bleeding process, do I require additional Wifi rooter apart from my tablet which I operate as Wifi Hotspot ?
I just experienced the idle problem described here on my 2011 R1200GS following the GS911 throttle sync procedure. GS911 software version 1707.2. I fixed it by resetting the adaptations as mentioned in this thread. I've done a throttle sync before without incident; not sure why it failed this time. During the procedure I experienced a failed WiFi connection to the device. So I wasn't able to complete the procedure properly. I "hardwired" the device over usb and re-started the procedure again. The procedure seemed to go ok, but I ended up with idle problems when I later tried to do a cold start of the bike. Thanks to people for posting a solution.
Hello Elwin, who thought that just changing pads could cause a problem but seems you have one

The BMW manual says this "After installing new brake pads, you must use the BMW Motorrad diagnostic system to initialise the new components"
It shows a wire to right caliper for pad wear, do you have this, and if you do I am not sure it would cause any of these issues anyway.

Also says this "Install the brake pad with the wear indicator on the inboard side of the right-hand brake caliper."

Did you remove the wheel, if so check that it is reinstalled correctly The manual says "Attention
The left axle clamp locates the threaded bush in the front suspension. If the threaded bush is not correctly aligned the gap between the sensor ring and the wheel-speed sensor will not be correct and this can cause the ABS to malfunction or allow the wheel-speed sensor to be damaged.
 In order to ensure that the threaded bush remains correctly aligned, do not slacken or remove the left axle clamp"

Did you remove the calipers, if so check that they are reinstalled correctly although not much can go wrong with that.

Try retracting the pistons a bit and make sure the wheel spins OK then pump up brakes again and check.

Don't Know if any of this will help but since everything worked before its unlikely something broke just when you changed pads so double checking the mechanical work would be a good start.
Good day,

After replacing my front brake pads the lever is squishy, and the pads are dragging slightly.

The brakes / ABS still work quite well, but I can pull the lever all the way into the handlebar. Also, when the lever is pulled, a hissing noise is audible. Seems to be coming from the Pressure Modulator (the non-whirring type).

I've bled both calipers using a Mightyvac. No difference.

The lever, though, I can live with for now. But the dragging pads not so much. Even though there is only a slight drag, the brakes start whining after a few miles of highway. When checked, the calipers are both about equally hot.

Should  the Pressure Modulator be bled? I don't find a procedure for that in the BMW shop manual, and it doesn't seem to have nipples.

Appreciate you help.
Neue Mitglieder stellen sich vor / Re: Hallo aus der Pfalz
« Last post by sicam on October 20, 2017, 04:36:10 PM »

ja, das gs911 wifi. Hast Du eine Idee?

Neue Mitglieder stellen sich vor / Re: Hallo aus der Pfalz
« Last post by Mats@MFT on October 20, 2017, 11:37:06 AM »
Willkommen im Forum! Ist es das GS-911wifi?
General Discussion / Re: Front wheel sensor
« Last post by omid455 on October 19, 2017, 02:02:54 PM »
I was searching google for the gap between speed sensor and the ring and I reached to this page, I got my answer but now I have an off topic question. Please recommend an ebay seller for R1200GS parts. Someone with good and inexpensive parts. more than one seller even better. Thanks.
Hey Medo, glad you finally got this sorted.

If you have a look at my earlier post #5, I did say that recoding by BMW would be needed, so there was no need to worry about it.

I have replaced a few of these controllers and all of them had to be recoded by BMW, that's why I know.  And yes, without recoding the symptoms are exactly as you describe.

Now go ride your bike and enjoy it!  ;D
Common trouble codes or issues with known solutions / Re: ERROR data
« Last post by Jughead on October 19, 2017, 07:32:27 AM »
You can use the PC App with the GS911 WiFi connected to your home WiFi network, for full functionality without using the internet cloud service, you configure the PC App with the IP No of the GS911 and it is actually quicker in operation compared to using the USB connection.

Yes, if you want to connect directly to the GS911 from the laptop, you need to be in D2D mode.

You can however, as WayneC says, connect via your home WiFi network.  You can here give the GS911 a fixed IP Address and reserve that address for the GS911 on the network.  Then just configure the software with the GS911 IP address and it will connect immediately.
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