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Good day every one. Regarding the centre stand on the R1150 GS Adventure, how to remove.
Remove the machine screws in the bearing bushings, but then how do you remove the Right and Left bushings? They turn for awhile and edge out a little then that is that.
Thoughts on the matter please.
Ken Hunt

Hi Ken,
what about to warm up the bushings, because they are mounted with LOCTITE 243 :D.


Grip them with pliers and wobble and pull. When you refit them make sure that you fit the thicker one on the right.

Many thanks for your reply, will try that later today when rain stops. Grateful for your advise. Ken

Hi again, just to say thanks again. Worked a treat as you said and the bushings came out. Now to look for a new centre stand, not cheap here in the Philippines. Bye Ken...


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