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Recent experience with daisy-chaining two gen2 ezCans


Just cleaned up after adding in another ezCan gen2 to the R12RS. I have taken note, that the newly added unit does not have the slow flash to indicate “sleep mode” Is there something I have forgotten to do in the installation process? The added unit was installed to drive a newly installed Denali Split Soundbomb, as I have already used up the available accessory outputs on the first unit. I have noticed that the original configuration software was unable to access the new unit, until I had uploaded the installation update and I cannot use the older app to access the new unit. Will I be required to update the older unit, using the re-uploaded installation software?

Hi Tom

The new unit is most likely on the release version of the software (or slightly older), we've released an update this year that has changed the blip behaviour to no blips, once you update your older unit to the new version you'll notice the same change in that one.

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