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Question regarding switching on & off the second channel lights.



I have two led connected to 1st circuit (White ones) and can be switch on/off by holding the turn signal cancel.  No problem.

I have another set of led lights three wire connection on the second circuit, (yellow and white) which configured to work as running, turn and break lights. (Yellow lights at lower crash bar) And they do not switch off, on all the time, when ignition is on.

The question is, how will they be switched on and off?

Even it is clearly stated that triple click to turn signal cancel, should do the job, but nothing happens.
How can I switch them on and off?



Hi Visionliner

Thank you for the details provided. Can you please paste your configuration file's contents here? Simply connect to the ezCAN using the ezCAN software and navigate to the drop down menu > export. This file will be named a .ezcan file, which can be opened with notepad.

Copy and paste the contents here for us to review the currently configuration.

You mention that the second set is configured as run/brake/turn, if this is the case, they will not be turned off with the triple click - this is reserved for the aux lights 2 configuration.

Kind regards

Hi Ruan,

Thanks for the reply.  You already answered my question by saying, they can not be switched off, with triple click.  In order to paste the file here, I have to carry my computer near the bike.  I will be away from home for awhile and I will do it, as soon as I come back.  Thanks again

I appreciate your answers.  They cannot be turned off with a triple click, as you already stated in your response to my query.  I need to transport my computer close to the bike so that I may paste the file here.


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