Author Topic: Cannot install the GS911 PC software on my new Lenovo computer. Please help.  (Read 6790 times)


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Thank you Wayne. And at least my tool is operational with Wi-Fi, so I'm not that bummed. Ha ha. Hopefully HexCode can find the issue. I'll update the forum with their final reply. Take care.

Did you end up finding a fix for this? I received my GS-911 today and the software installed first time without any problems on my laptop running W10.


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Hi Guys

Just circling back to this as this looks like it was quite a random issue which might be useful at a later stage:
please make sure your PC's Cookies are enabled in Internet Properties:

You can gain access to that menu by opening Control Panel → Network and Internet → Internet Options → Privacy → Advanced
Restart your PC after changing all the settings to Always allow/Accept as indicated, then try installing GS-911 Diagnostics again.

Kind regards