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304: Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor Circuit Malfunction


Hello all, while i was riding my bike started to misfire, on a stop noticed very rough idle. Plugged the GS911 and had the following error:304: Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor Circuit Malfunction!
Plotted the O2 sensor and noticed the flat line way under the minimum voltage!!! Replaced it with a new Bosch O2 sensor same error! Any of you came up with a wiring harness problem?
There is low voltage for sure but i cannot trace an earth short circuit! 

GS Jim:
I think for anyone to help you you will have to post a minimum of information such as year and model and maybe the scan itself.


If a measured lambda sensor voltage is smaller 0.1V , the engine is running extremely lean.
This also explains the poor running behavior.

Please check engine and intake system for leaks. 8)


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