Author Topic: Integral ABS - CAN (servo brakes) "Pressure in rear/front circuit too low"  (Read 78746 times)


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Re: Integral ABS - CAN (servo brakes) "Pressure in rear/front circuit too low"
« Reply #45 on: October 03, 2018, 09:53:43 PM »
I have a R1200GS from 2006 with 130.000km. It has the integral ABS system witch also has too high pressure in rear brake circuit. Searching the web I found this site: It is in German, but google translate can help out..

They seem to have a lot of experience with this ABS system, investigating more than 6.000 failed units over the years.

This document (also in German) describes and shows pictures of common failures and causes in this type of ABS unit.

it seems to be a very complex unit with many failures that can occur. Reading reviews online tells that some units keep on failing after overhaul, because several components are not robust enough to last over time.

RH Electronics have developed an adapter kit to replace the ABS unit and transfer to a traditional brake system, keeping the speedometer and brake light functions. I'm thinking of this option because I had an accident recently where my front brake refused to work (ABS came in resisting to use the front brake for no obvious reason). Since the warning light was already blinking for the too high pressure in the rear system, I couldn't see the warning from the front brake. Without brakes an accident was unavoidable. Luckily my injuries were not severe, but it makes you loose trust in your safety systems. There are more cases with suddenly activating ABS in this type of system, for no obvious reason. This is why I'm thinking of removing the unit from my bike and go back to a traditional braking system.