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Great product! 

I use the GS-911 on my 2003 K1200LT and my 2017 R1200GS LC with great success.  But…. I also have a C-Evo which has been listed as a ‘future’ model since 2017.  It’s still not supported which is frustrating as I either have to go to a main dealer for the ridiculously simple service (no engine) or put up with the service reminder as I can’t clear it. 

Unfortunately, I’ve also now just suffered an electric drive malfunction with the bike in limp mode.  It would be great to be able to at least read the fault codes to see if it’s DIY or main dealer fix.  Without compatibility with the GS-911 my hands are tied and it’s off to Park Lane BMW for, no doubt, a wallet emptying experience.

I know that scooters are less common (and the C-Evo in particular) but it would be great to get these models included in the software.  I’m very happy to run my GS-911 on my scooter to help develop the software should that be of any use. 

Again, thanks for a great product but please add the C-Evo!

So BMW have confirmed it’s a faulty throttle body. 

I’ve fixed exactly the same problem myself on my sons GS1200.  Diagnosis, replacement and recalibration was a doddle using the Gs-911.

Unfortunately, without support for the C-Evo, I’ve had to go with BMW and now have a £300 bill.

Support please!

I would also like to vote for supporting ECAN. I have the 33f with ECAN and would like to be able to use it as a block.

It seems like a few different people are looking for this, are you thinking about developing an ECAN block?


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