Author Topic: BMW G650GS Sertao engine cut-out  (Read 3935 times)


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BMW G650GS Sertao engine cut-out
« on: October 12, 2021, 01:56:58 PM »
Good morning,
I have just joined because I have a problem with my bike which has started to cut out when shifting down the gears.  I t happens totally randomly and only once in a while, but when it does it is dodgy and potentially dangerous.  BMW have acknowledged it as a fault in the ECU and issued a safety recall.  The bike has been to to the BMW workshop and has undergone the necessary reprogramming.  I am aware of the proper start-up procedure for this type of bike and tried various tips from other Sertao users (one of the recurring things that keeps being mentioned is that the bike may be running to lean esp during cold weather).  I thought about fixing the bike with e.g. an AF-XIED but have been told that the ECU with time will "figure" that it is being fooled by too cold temperature input data to enforce a slightly richer mixture.  Unfortunately, the issue still occasionally occurs with the bike cutting out.
I came across the GS-911 and I've read that it gives you full diagnostic and repair capability using a Windows powered PC or Laptop.  Does anyone know whether this could resolve my ECU program problem?  I am loathed to take the bike back to BMW for them to perform the same reprogramming-job as the nearest one is many miles away and I wouldn't see the bike for weeks/months - I need the bike for my daily commute.  Alternatively, would the only other option be to get a new ECU?  Any help re this is much appreciated!  Thank you.