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Hi All,

This thread is dedicated to all ezCAN setups... mandatory is at least ONE picture and a short description of:

* your bike (model and year and any relevant info)
* the accessories you have connected to your ezCAN


--- Quote from: GordsmarsredRT on November 26, 2020, 07:27:12 AM ---Not able to attach my 896 KB photo?

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Best is to use third party image hosting like imgur and post the bbcode link here.


This is my 2018 R1200RT.  The HEX ezCAN controls dual Fiam Freeway Blaster horns, I can adjust my heated vest using the wonder wheel just as you would dim or brighten auxillary lights, a Denali B6 tail/brake light is connected as well as a K40 radar detector.  That's all 4 circuits on the ezCAN so the INNOVV K2 camera system is connected to the battery and triggered by the passenger's accessory circuit.  A Remus full exhaust system saw the RT lose 13 pounds and sounds great, in my opinion.  A few carbon fibre bits have also been added.  I've logged 64,000 km (40,000 mi) since new.  Having a blast!

2010 R1200RT. Clearwater Darla Aux lights on forks, Cyclops Aurora Aux lights under mirrors, 2 pairs Skene LED Brake lights, Soundbomb Mini Horn, Phone Charger, Innovv K2 DVR Dashcam, running 2 Hex EzCans, both V.2 models connected inline to TPMS.

Gen 2 EzCAN #1
RED - Left Aux Light 1
BLUE - Right Aux Light 1
YELLOW - Brake Light
BLACK/WHiTE - Power Supply (Phone/Innovv camera)

Gen 2 EzCan #2
RED - Left Ring/Halo Yellow Light
BLUE - Right Ring/Halo Yellow Light
YELLOW - High Aux Lights 2
BLACK/WHITE  - none yet

This is how lights are setup for now
Fork Mount Clearwater Darla w/amber covers (Aux1)
Under Mirror Aurora Yellow LED Halo Ring Lights (Halo)
Under Mirror Cyclops Aurora Spots (Aux2)

Aux1 w/amber covers - 100% on
Halo - 100% on
Aux2 - 0% off

Right Turn Signal
Aux1 - 0% Right side / 100% Left side
Halo - Flash Right side / 100% on Left side
Aux2 - 0% off

Left Turn Signal
Aux1 - 0% Left side / 100% Rightside
Halo - Flash Left side / 100% on Right side
Aux2 - 0% off

Night Low Beams
Aux1 - 50% on
Halo - 100% on
Aux2 - 0% off

Night High Beams
Aux1 - 100% on
Halo - 100% on
Aux2 - 100% on

Aux1  - Flash opposite OEM bulbs
Halo - 100% on
Aux2 - Flash opposite OEM bulbs

Aux1 - Strobe
Halo - Strobe
Aux2 - Strobe

NICE! that's some good demo material - hat's off to you!


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