Author Topic: BMW R1200GS Adventure ABS problem. Fault 0x5E20 (24096)  (Read 5681 times)


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BMW R1200GS Adventure ABS problem. Fault 0x5E20 (24096)
« on: May 04, 2020, 10:13:06 AM »

Just bought a used R1200 GS Adventure K25 Year 2012 and the current problem I am facing is that the brake light is always on. I have read about the problems with micro switches, however, on this bike there are no front and rear micro switches. Just wondering if it is normal or they should be present on all bikes? I was thinking maybe ABS unit has some kind of pressure sensor which detects increased pressure and switches the brake light on? Thank you for your advice

Went for diagnostics:

Erased all previous faults. One fault pops up:
005E20 or 0x5E20 (24906)
Control circuit brake pressure sensor, front

Have not found any information on the internet about this fault. It seems that the pressure sensor is faulty. Anyone had similar problem?

I went to a guy who has kind of BMW Service type tool which is more powerful than GS911. So he was able to read codes, change from miles to kilometers, update firmware, etc.

I wrote the code of the fault in the first post:
Control circuit brake pressure sensor, front

Yesterday I went to him again, as I have seen that it is possible to check pressure of the brake circuits with his software.

Please see video attached from the brake engage test:

We first engaged front, then rear brake levers.
It seems that the pressure sensor in the front is faulty. The pressure does not change when engaged, it shows -327.68 bar. Also, I checked the tail light itself. It has two live wires and ground. Both wires are active - that's why the brake light is on. I think the tail light wires comes from board computer if I am not wrong, I wasn't able to found any schematics for this model of GS.

Also it seems module masters are not able to fix this problem, their answer to my email:

Unfortunately due to the fault code you are getting we will not be able to help you.

Thank you,