Author Topic: EWS! Not the usual suspects?  (Read 5213 times)


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EWS! Not the usual suspects?
« on: January 12, 2020, 12:42:07 AM »
Hi all.

I have a problem that I can't get to the bottom of so I'm hoping someone may have seen something similar and can offer some insight.

Just before Christmas I was riding my 08 GSA when the engine died with EWS! showing on the Kombi, leaving me stranded at the roadside. EWS! had shown a few times previously at key-on but cleared upon retrying. Starting the bike to head home had taken several attempts. Once recovered to home the GS-911 reported the typical "10491: Electronic immobiliser malfunction" with "no signal or value". So I:
  • Replaced the battery, as I read it could have an impact and it was on my to-do list anyway (~9 yrs old) - No change.
  • Un-taped the wiring loom from the ring antenna to the main loom to inspect for the usual reported damage - None found.
  • Tried the spare key - No luck.
  • Replaced the ring antenna - No change.
  • Un-taped the main loom either side of the branch off to the ring antenna and down toward the ECU (BMSKP) - Still no damage found. Discovered that the bike seems to 'retry' every 38 secs which can make you think the wires you just moved are intermittent.
  • Tested the continuity from the RA plug to the disconnected ECU plug - all 4 wires read ~0.5 Ohms even during wire manipulation.
  • GS-911 View Key Status says (with RA connected) "The key currently in the ignition is INVALID and ENABLED. It is key number: 0". The info is the same with the spare key.

A few observations too:
  • ODO/trip reset button on Kombi does nothing.
  • INFO button on left bar does nothing, but indicators, horn and ESA buttons seem fine.
  • Main beam switch works and blue indicator appears on Kombi but the lamp itself doesn't light.
  • Dipped beam can switch itself on, apparently randomly (with and without GS-911 connected).
  • Every 38 secs, either FUEL! or LAMPF! appear for <1 sec (EWS! disappears) and a servomotor can also be heard (tank removed, HID lamps connected).

This looks to me like the ECU is partially faulty. I presume a dealer can test the BMSKP to confirm? I don't want to arrange a replacement to find that it isn't the cause.
Can anyone add anything? Are any of the observations significant?

Thanks for reading.

- Paul


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Re: EWS! Not the usual suspects?
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2020, 04:12:52 PM »
Dealer confirmed by swapping in a BMSKP from a same year bike they happened to have in on part-ex.
New BMSKP, coded to VIN and some discounted labour will be ~£850.