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Confused by Fault Codes
« on: April 05, 2019, 02:28:20 AM »
Bike has been stored for the winter.  Started fine.  first autoscan resulted in some faultcodes I don't understand:

AutoScan Report
GS-911 version: 1812.1 Datapack version: 11.1
Serial Number: GS1 001 933
Firmware version: 0.254-0.157 Datapack version: 0.141
Registered to: Steve May
Date: 04/04/2019 Time: 5:01:08 PM
Motorcycle Information
VIN: WB10A0100FZ161218
Mileage: 39483.0 km
Cluster date: 04 April 2019
Next service date: 30 November 2018
Next service distance: 44359 km
Factory I-Level: K001-15-03-511
Actual I-Level: K001-18-07-521

Controller Type:   Body Controller GM
Controller:   0F8A00
Serial Number:   1435020431
Manufacturer:   Loewe / Lear
Manufacture Date (YY/MM/DD):   14/12/16
Program Count:   4
Program Count Maximum:   1024
Firmware Date (YY/MM/DD):   18/10/18
Kilometers when programmed:   0.00
Number of FW configurations:   4
HW Electronics (HWEL):   
   Firmware ID:   08AF
   Firmware Version:   001.009.001
Bootloader (BTLD):   
   Firmware ID:   0891
   Firmware Version:   005.002.001
SW Memory Image (SWFL):   
   Firmware ID:   0892
   Firmware Version:   007.009.001
Coding Data (CAFD):   
   Firmware ID:   0893
   Firmware Version:   007.007.017

3 fault codes found:

E59468   No CAN message for Sensorbox_ID7 (from Angular (rotation rate) sensor / SEB)
The fault is currently present.
E5942C   CAN message from SEB timeout (Sensorbox_ID1_Motorrad_2010)
The fault is currently present.
E5942E   CAN message from SEB timeout (Sensorbox_ID4_Motorrad_2010)
The fault is currently present.

Bike was fine when I put it away last October.

Any enlightenment would be appreciated


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Re: Confused by Fault Codes
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2019, 10:17:13 PM »
OK, found this discussion:

Looks like nothing to do for now and just ignore it.

To the HexCode folks, since this appears to be popping up after dealers update the bike's firmware, maybe you can amend your software to compensate for it.