Author Topic: Could not set VIN in Enthusiast list  (Read 6416 times)


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Could not set VIN in Enthusiast list
« on: September 10, 2017, 07:22:37 AM »
If you are trying to reset your service reminder for the first time like I was, you may be interested to know that you must have your VIN entered in the enthusiast list. You get 10 entries. There is a button to enter your VIN into the list but here's the catch:
Make sure your engine run switch is in the OFF position. If you have the bike powered on and the switch in the RUN position, you will not be able to set your VIN into the list. You will get the VIN:NULL entry.
I wasted almost 2 hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong and just happened to flip the run switch to off and Voila!
I hope this helps somebody else!