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F650GS Dakar 2001 Rear Brake line



Hello and some advice if possible please. I have to replace the rear brake line on this bike as it has perished. No problem in removing the banjo bolt from the calliper, but when it comes to the other end, almost impossible. There is limited room there, and I can only use an Allan key with a rounded end that will reach up to the bolt, nothing else will fit as there is no room. I have tried to move the bolt but it is so fixed in that it starts to twist the metal bracket that holds the line in place, so have stopped there for now. Apart from removing the swing arm to give more view and movement, any advice welcome.
Ken Hunt.

Hello Ken

I think you have to loosen the brake line bracket, connection line>hose, to remove the rear hose.
Hope this helps.

It sounds like a lot more work, but removing the swingarm is in my experience, the only way to do the job properly.

It's not really that difficult.  And while you are at it and the swingarm is out, inspect the swingarm bearings.  They will most likely be rusted.  If allowed to deteriorate too far they tend to corrode the inner cores of the bearings, parts that is only available from BMW at a ridiculous price.

We have been eliminating the join in the line at the back of the engine and fitting one piece SS brake lines to make it easier

To you both Jughead and Wayne C. I thought you would say that about removing the swing arm, guess you are right in that and I will go for it. I will let you know how I get on when I get to start on it. I heard too about removing this link to the rear calliper and having a direct line. Still have to remove the swing arm off to close the old system I guess. OK thanks for every thing, better get cracking... Ken


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