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ABS 2 - Fault code 6
« on: April 26, 2017, 11:39:24 AM »
I now have both ABS lights flashing on an alternating basis.

GS-911 still reporting fault code 6 - "Vehicle coding wrong"
Trying to clear fault via GS-911 says no response from the controller.

Middle pin reset method gets both lights solid but returns to flashing when the ignition is cycled.

Original post below

my 3 Pin Interface arrived today hooray!

I have a 1995 R1100RS that I just purchased (used obviously), bottom ABS light flashes.
Using the 3 Pin Interface the fault code reported for ABS was Fault Code 6 Incorrect vehicle code.

However google search seems to suggest fault code 6 is ABS relay.

I used the interface to clear faults and cycle ignition however fault appears immediately when I turn the ignition on

Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated.

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