Author Topic: Be aware of the ring-antenna! (fault code 10491)  (Read 10913 times)

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Be aware of the ring-antenna! (fault code 10491)
« on: August 08, 2013, 04:28:53 AM »
Just thought I share some real-life experiences regarding the R1200;

Using the GS-911 (since 2011) I noticed quite often issues being detected with the EWS (the immobiliser) in the fault-memory;

Fault Code: 10491
Electronic Immobiliser malfunction
The fault is not present now.

Yes, true, you can read on several forums there a issues with (premature?) failure of the ring-antenna and some handy tips how to solve the faulty ring-antenna.
No biggy.

However, I observed more often also the issue being the rider themselves!

I noticed quite often that people have all their keys (one or two metals key, sometimes also their spare, plastic key) on 1 (one) key-chain. So a bundle of keys.
Sometimes with amazing other attachments such as logos and such.
And I won't go into the discussion of possible scratches around the ignition-lock.  :-X

So, when the bike is started, the ring-antenna puts out a signal to wake-up (and power!) the chip that is embedded in the ignition-key, allowing that chip to respond (transponder) back the code to switch off the immobilizer of the R1200.
Even the plastic spare-key has a chip inside!

The catch is, with all the keys onto 1 (one) chain, and one key inserted into the ignition, there is very good likelihood that ALL the keys on the keychain try to respond back to the immobilizer, causing issues of the 1 (one) key being inserted of being correctly recognised.
And the EWS will retry the operation, whilst recording in the fault memory an issue with EWS.
(and usually you will also see a very high count of incidents of this typical Fault Code 10491, I have seen 25 counts and more)
So, please never put more then one key in the vicinity of the ignition-lock before attempting to start the R1200.

If you want to have all your keys in one place, for example a lan-yard, I recommend a quick-disconnect solution, such as:
Not sure how it is called, but it allows for easy-on and easy-off from the lan-yard of the key. Use several for multiple keys.  :)

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Re: Be aware of the ring-antenna! (fault code 10491)
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2013, 09:23:28 PM »
I fully  agree by having more then one chipped key anywhere close to the ring antenna is asking for confusion